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Firstly please be aware that we are a pizza place and gluten is our main money maker. So therefore we are by no means a certified gluten free kitchen.

Our Gluten free dough is made at the beginning of the week after the kitchen has been deep cleaned, by hand & not in the dough mixer that we use for regular dough. It is then portioned & frozen, hence we need notice so we can defrost it in time.

When your pizza is made it will be made on the same kitchen surface as the regular dough, but rest assured the counter will be fully cleaned down first.

It will also be made in the same oven as the normal pizza, but the oven runs at 450°C so most flour residue is disintegrated very quickly!!

We do however use different utensils to cook gluten free pizza.

So far, touch wood, we have had no complaints but we do advise that our gluten free pizza is for people who choose to not eat gluten and not those who are coeliac. 

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