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To make an order for collection online or make a table reservation, please click on the links bellow.


- Pre orders for collection online are until 18:30 only. This is because after that is our busy period and the indoor diners take full priority. To order a collection for any time after 18:30 you will need to call us on 01452 690829.

- When making a table reservation, if a day or time you want is not availible this will probably be due to us being closed for a special event or because we are fully booked at that time.

- For table reservations of 7 or more you will need to either email on or call us during opening hours on 01452690829. Deposits of £10 per person will be required so have your bank card ready. This will come off the final bill, but if anyone doesn't turn up on the day, their deposit will become void from the bill.

- If we miss your order/resrvation please just do it again or better yet call us. Sometimes we may be to busy to work the online system.

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